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The Rentalz Company started in the vacation rental business in 2003 in Vail, Colorado to provide rental sales and marketing services to individual homeowners and local vacation rental managers. Our founder, Larry Hoffer, identified a niche in the burgeoning vacation rental industry after seeing success renting his own mountain property. He has applied the skills developed at leading companies in the hospitality and telecommunication industries to propel the company.

Expansion with Local Partners

After achieving success in the Vail market, the business expanded to dozens of destinations throughout North America where local partners ran the local businesses. The Denver team developed solutions to grow and operate using state-of-the-art technology and marketing.  We deployed proprietary solutions that allowed the local partners to grow their businesses far faster than most local companies.

Changes While the Industry Transformed

In 2018, the company experienced the maturation of the industry, with an influx of technology helping property managers operate more effectively. We also witnessed the early days of Airbnb, and recognized from the first meetings with Airbnb that they would never be an advocate for the local property managers.  We set out on a path to develop a suite of technology, distribution, software, and marketing solutions that would cater to the professional property manager. By working with hundreds of thousands of guests, generating tens of thousands of bookings, and working with hundreds of property managers, we identified opportunities to solve pain points and help property managers grow with solutions not offered by any other team in the industry.

Doing Things Differently in a World of Giants

The Rentalz Company delivers bookings to professionally managed properties through previously untapped channels. Our suite of software and marketing solutions is unrivaled. We value our alliances with most of the PMS systems and distribution channels. Our services are used by the biggest, best, and smallest in the industry.

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